Original Articles: 2017-now
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Transposase mapping identifies the genomic targets of BAP1 in uveal melanoma. Yen, M., Qi, Z., Chen, X., Cooper, J. A., Mitra, R. D. & Onken, M. D. 2018. BMC Med Genomics 11: 97.
A novel mode of Capping Protein-regulation by Twinfilin. Johnston, A. B., Hilton, D. M., McConnell, P., Johnson, B., Harris, M. T., Simone, A., Amarasinghe, G. K., Cooper, J. A. & Goode, B. L. 2018. Elife 7: e41313.
Targeting nucleotide exchange to inhibit constitutively active G protein α subunits in cancer cells. Onken, Makepeace, Kaltenbronn, Kanai, Todd, Wang, Broekelmann, Rao, Cooper & Blumer. 2018. Sci Signal 11: eaao6852.
Septins regulate junctional integrity of endothelial monolayers. Kim, J. & Cooper, J. A. 2018. Mol Biol Cell doi: 10.1091/mbc.E18-02-0136.
Allosteric Coupling of CARMIL and V-1 Binding to Capping Protein Revealed by Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange. Johnson, B. et al. 2018. Cell Reports 23: 2795-804.
New in vitro method for assaying the migration of primary B cells using an endothelial monolayer as substrate. Stewart-Hutchinson, P. J. et al. 2017. J Leukoc Biol 102: 941-48.
Mst1 Kinase Regulates the Actin-Bundling Protein L-Plastin To Promote T Cell Migration. Xu, X. et al. 2016. J Immunol 197: 1683-91.
L-Plastin promotes podosome longevity and supports macrophage motility. Zhou, J. Y. et al. 2016. Mol Immunol 78: 79-88.
Trojan Horse Transit Contributes to Blood-Brain Barrier Crossing of a Eukaryotic Pathogen. Santiago-Tirado, F. H. et al. 2017. mBio 8: e02183-16.
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