Original Articles: 2013-2016
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L-Plastin promotes podosome longevity and supports macrophage motility. Zhou, J. Y., Szasz, T. P., Stewart-Hutchinson, P. J., Sivapalan, J., Todd, E. M., Deady, L. E., Cooper, J. A., Onken, M. D. & Morley, S. C. 2016. Mol Immunol 78: 79-88. Online Journal.
Mst1 kinase regulates the actin-binding protein L-plastin to promote T cell migration (2016) Xu, X., X. Wang, E. M. Todd, E. R. Jaeger, O. L. Mooren, Y. Feng, J. Hu, J. A. Cooper, S. C. Morley & Y. H. Huang . J Immunol. 197: 1683-91. Online Journal.
Wang, X., Galletta, B.J., Cooper, J.A., & Carlsson, A.E.(2016).Actin-Regulator Feedback Interactions during Endocytosis. Biophys. J.110:1430-1443.Online Journal.
Lanier, M. H., P. McConnell & J. A. Cooper. 2016. Cell Migration and Invadopodia Formation Require a Membrane-binding Domain of CARMIL2. J Biol Chem.291:1076-1091. Online Journal.
Lanier, M. H., T. Kim & J. A. Cooper. 2015. CARMIL2 is a Novel Molecular Connection between Vimentin and Actin Essential for Cell Invasion. Mol Biol Cell. 26: 4577-4588. Online Journal.MBoC Cover Image PDF.
Stark, B. C. & J. A. Cooper. 2015. Differential expression of CARMIL-family genes during zebrafish development. Cytoskeleton. 72:534-541. Online Journal.
CPI Motif Interaction is Necessary for Capping Protein Function in Cells. Edwards, M., P. McConnell, D. A. Schafer & J. A. Cooper. 2015.Nature Communications. 6:8415. Online Journal.
Role of N-WASP in Endothelial Monolayer Formation and Integrity. Mooren, O. L., J. Kim, J. Li & J. A. Cooper. 2015. J Biol Chem. 290:18796-805. Online Journal.
Role of Cortactin Homolog HS1 in Transendothelial Migration of Natural Killer Cells. Mukherjee, S., J. Kim, O. L. Mooren, S. T. Shahan, M. Cohan & J. A. Cooper. 2015. PLoS ONE. 10:e0118153. Online Journal.
Endothelial monolayers and transendothelial migration depend on mechanical properties of the substrate. Onken, M. D., O. L. Mooren, S. Mukherjee, S. Shehan, J. Li & J. A. Cooper. 2014. Endothelial monolayers and transendothelial migration depend on mechanical properties of the substrate. Cytoskeleton. 71:695-706. Online Journal.
Uveal Melanoma Cells Utilize a Novel Route for Transendothelial Migration. Onken, M. D., J. Li & J. A. Cooper. 2014. PLoS ONE. 9:e115472 Online Journal.
Endothelial Cells Use Dynamic Actin to Facilitate Lymphocyte Transendothelial Migration and Maintain the Monolayer Barrier. Mooren, O. L., J. Li, J. Nawas & J. A. Cooper. 2014. Mol Biol Cell. 25:4115-4129. Online Journal.
Genome-wide Analysis Reveals Novel and Discrete Functions for Tubulin Carboxy-Terminal Tails .Aiken, J., D. Sept, M. Costanzo, C. Boone, J. A. Cooper & J. K. Moore. 2014. Curr Biol. 24:1295-1303. Online Journal.
Coordination of the Filament Stabilizing Versus Destabilizing Activities of Cofilin Through its Secondary Binding Site on Actin. Aggeli, D., E. Kish-Trier, M. C. Lin, B. Haarer, G. Cingolani, J. A. Cooper, S. Wilkens & D. C. Amberg. 2014. Cytoskeleton. 71:361-379. Online Journal.
Physiological Role of the Interaction between CARMIL1 and Capping Protein. Edwards, M., Liang, Y., Kim, T. & Cooper, J. A. 2013. Mol Biol Cell. 24: 3047-3055. Online Journal.
The unusual dynamics of parasite actin result from isodesmic polymerization. Skillman, K. M., Ma, C., Fremont, D., Cooper, J. A., Sept, D. & Sibley, L. D. 2013. Nature Comm . 4: 2285.Online Journal.
CD2AP Links Cortactin and Capping Protein at the Cell Periphery To Facilitate Formation of Lamellipodia. Zhao, J., Bruck, S., Cemerski, S., Zhang, L., Butler, B., Dani, A., Cooper, J. A. & Shaw, A. S. 2013. Mol Cell Biol 33: 38-47. Online Journal.
Immortalized human cerebral microvascular endothelial cells maintain the properties of primary cells in an in vitro model of immune migration across the blood brain barrier. Daniels, B. P., L. Cruz-Orengo, T. J. Pasieka, P. O. Couraud, I. A. Romero, B. Weksler, J. A. Cooper, T. L. Doering & R. S. Klein. 2013.J Neurosci Methods. 212:173-179. Online Journal.
Dynein and Dynactin Leverage Their Bivalent Character to Form a High-Affinity Interaction. Siglin, A. E., S. Sun, J. K. Moore, S. Tan, M. Poenie, J. D. Lear, T. Polenova, J. A. Cooper & J. C. Williams. 2013. PLoS ONE. 8:e59453. Online Journal.
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