Lab Methods & Reagents

Capping Protein (CapZ) Reagents

Monoclonal Antibodies at Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank  DSHB
Antibody name and link Subunit / isoform recognized Species recognized Notes: All work well on immunoblots w/ SDS in sample prep.
5B12 Alpha1 and alpha2 Chicken, mouse For staining, use glyoxal fixative, e.g. Glyco-Fixx.
1E5 Beta1, not beta2 Chicken, not mouse or human  
3F2 Beta2, not beta1 Chicken, mouse, human For staining, use glyoxal fixative, e.g. Glyco-Fixx.
Expression Plasmids at Addgene
  • Expression in Bacteria: Mouse, Chicken. Different isoforms. Wt and mutants.
  • GFP Fusion Expression in Vertebrate Cells: Mouse Beta2
GFP-Actin Reagent. For vertebrate cells, we use a GFP-actin expression plasmid kindly provided by Dr. Beat Imhof in Geneva. Imhof Lab Web Site.
  • Original paper: Ballestrem et al. (1998). J. Cell Sci. 111, 1649-1658.
  • Example of its use: Merrifield et al. (1999) Nature Cell Biology 1, 72 - 74.

Light Microscopy Methods

Protein Biochemistry Methods

Molecular Biology Methods

  • Gibson Cloning Protocol. From Aaron Kershner and Judith Kimble, Univ Wisconsin - Madison.Based on Gibson DG, Methods Enzymol. 2011. 498:349-61.
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